Everything you want to know about Smart EV Home Charger: Speed, Saving, Safety

Many people are interested in purchasing a variety of smart home appliances that save us time, money, and energy while simplifying our lives. If you\’re energy saving savvy and also an EV owner, we put together everything that you\’ll ever want to know about smart EV chargers for your home.

How Smart Charging simplify your life?

If you’re worried about range anxiety from relying too much on public charging stations, a Fast Home EV charger is the solution. It doesn’t get more reassuring than seeing a 100% charged battery on your dashboard, right? A smart EV charger can safely charge your EV up to 7x faster than a standard Level 1 charge. Not only that, it can also communicate with your car and phone to schedule your charging sessions at the lowest rate and monitor your charging status remotely with a simple app, so you can control the charging session from your bed and focus on life – not your battery. 

Will the charger fit my EV and my Home?

Looking for an EV charger that’s compatible with your car and your home? Check out the Pion Power Flex – AC EV Charger. It automatically matches any available voltage between 120V – 240V, and maximizes power delivery for the fastest possible charging speed. Not only can you use it for home charging, but it’s also convenient to bring anywhere you go! Moreover, It is built on with J1772 connector and is compatible with practically every EV on the market, including Teslas, with the use of an adapter.

#Safety Matters

As customers, you need the best protection to safely charge your EV and ensure your charger doesn’t cause any damage to your property. Many manufacturers claim that their chargers have all the necessary safety features, but that doesn’t mean they’re tested and approved officially. The Pion Power Flex – AC is CSA/UL tested and certified\” , also the smart app will send push notifications if any hazards happen, which will definitely help you secure your charging experience.

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