On the Go or At Home: A Cost Comparison of Charging Your Electric Vehicle

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular, one question on the minds of many drivers is how much it costs to charge their cars at public charging stations. In this blog, we will discuss the cost of charging at public fast charging stations, payment methods, the registration process, and cost comparisons with home charging.

Public Fast Charging Station

Public fast charging stations are typically located in high-traffic areas like shopping malls, rest stops, and parking garages. These charging stations can recharge an EV in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the vehicle and the station’s charging capacity. The cost of charging at public fast charging stations varies depending on the location, the provider, and the type of charging connector. Typically charging from 10% to 90% (65 kWh) is $25, and a membership fee may need to apply.

Payment Method and Registration Process

Most public charging stations require payment through a mobile app or a credit card. Some providers also offer membership programs that offer discounted rates and exclusive access to certain charging stations. To use a public charging station, you need to download the provider’s app or create an account on their website.

Once you’ve registered, you can locate nearby charging stations, start and stop a charging session, and monitor the progress through the app. The app will also provide information on the charging rate, estimated charging time, and the total cost of the session.

Comparing to Home Charging

Charging at a public fast charging station is convenient when you’re on the go, but it can be more expensive than charging at home. The average cost of electricity at home in Canada is around $0.153 per kWh, which means that fully charging a 65 kWh battery would cost around $9.95. Charging during off-peak hours will also be much cheaper.

In addition to the cost savings, home charging also offers the convenience of charging overnight while you sleep, and not having to worry about waiting in line at a public charging station. Installing a home charging station can cost between $500 to $2,500, depending on the station’s capacity and installation requirements. However, the government provides several incentives you may qualify for.  You can get a level 2 EV charger for free or 50% off depending on your province’s rebate program. See more information about Government incentives here https://pionpowertech.com/index.php/ev

As electric vehicles gain in popularity, the question of where to charge them becomes increasingly important. While public fast charging stations offer convenience and the ability to recharge quickly on the go, they can be more expensive than charging at home. Home charging offers cost savings, convenience, and the ability to charge overnight. Governments offer incentives for installing home charging stations, making them an even more attractive option for EV owners. Ultimately, the decision of where to charge an EV depends on the individual’s needs, budget, and life.

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