Why Is the Service Industry Adding EV Charging Stations?

Family parking, disabled parking, pick-up parking, and now, convenient EV parking are appearing in central business districts. These EV parking lots are close to malls, restaurants, and hotel entrances, and are equipped with the fastest EV chargers available. What pushes/motivates businesses to implement these convenient EV infrastructures?

More competitive

When EV-driving customers are looking for a restaurant to get some good food to fill up their bodies, they’re also looking for EV charging stations to refill their beloved cars. Restaurant owners realize the importance of providing EV charging and parking services to enhance their competitive advantage and attract new customers, while building loyalty among existing ones. 

EV charging stations also offer a competitive edge for employers. Finding and keeping top talent is always a challenge. What do employees care about? Commutes, saving time and money, and working for employers that value sustainability. With the world shifting to EVs, offering potential employees EV charging options while they work can increase morale and satisfaction with their jobs.

Extra Revenue

Obviously, installing EV Chargers adds a new revenue stream through EV charging fees at business locations. Moreover, EV chargers generate extra revenue because customers need to spend more time doing other things—like shopping or eating—while waiting to fully charge their cars.

Promotes Neighborhood Development

Charging stations not only benefit the owners and drivers of electric vehicles, but they also contribute to making the local community more sustainable. When customers walk into a mall or restaurant, the presence and noticeable convenience of EV chargers might push them to consider purchasing battery electric vehicles in the future, and reduce fears of range anxiety. With the increasing number of EVs, we could achieve a zero tailpipe emissions community in the near future and provide a better environment for the next generation.

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