Canadian-Based Pion Power Announces Flex-AC EV Car Charger Now Available Via Amazon

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Pion Power\'s all-in-one Flex-AC EV Charger is now available for retail sale online and via Amazon.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Pion Power’s all-in-one Flex-AC EV Charger is now available for retail sale.

Pion Power has enthusiastically announced that the 7.6kW and 9.6kW models of its all-in-one Flex-AC EV Charger are finally available for retail purchase via its website and Amazon—with shipping across North America. Earlier this year, the company launched a 60-day Kickstarter campaign to fund final production costs and boost brand awareness, successfully raising $50,000 to bring its robust, compact charger to market.

The 32 amp, 7.6kW model is currently retailing for $584.80, discounted from the regular price of $688.00 for a limited time. The upgraded 40 amp, 9.6 kW version is currently retailing for $779.00

While the 9.6 kW charger holds the distinction of reaching charging speeds up to 7 times faster than an average level 1 charger (with up to 40 amperage delivery), both models have the same safety standards and warranties. Both models also feature access to a convenient mobile app to schedule and monitor charging status (which can help owners save monthly) and the ability to switch between 120-volt and 240-volt without needing user input. This makes it the perfect companion both at home and on the road.

Flex-AC is only the beginning for Pion Power, which launched in April 2019 with a mission to develop an ecosystem of complementary clean energy products that make a green, sustainable lifestyle achievable for everyone. Designed in Canada, the company will soon launch stacking, modular solar energy storage solutions for homes and offices and a next-generation solar system inverter via their website.

All these products, of course, are designed to make a cleaner, more efficient future for all, not only affordable but less complicated for the end user.

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