Pion Power’s Flex-AC Series EV Charger and Portable Power Station are now available at Best Buy Canada! 

We are delighted to share the exciting news that our products are now accessible through Best Buy Canada, expanding options for eco-conscious consumers and bringing the Flex-AC series EV charger and portable power station closer to everyone.

Explore the Flex-AC Series – Meet the only EV charger you’ll ever need. 

Discover the flexibility of charging your electric vehicle anywhere you desire with the Flex-AC. Simply plug into any standard 120-volt outlet or enjoy the versatility of up to 40 amp charging with a 240-volt outlet. The Flex-AC charger intuitively adjusts to the available voltage, maximizing power delivery for the fastest charging speed possible. Whether you’re charging at home or setting out on new adventures, the Flex-AC, paired with adaptors, ensures your electric vehicle stays charged and ready for your next journey. Experience the convenience and adaptability of the Flex-AC as you effortlessly power your vehicle both at home and during your travels.

P302 & P201 Portable Power Station 


Introducing the latest product line to our Portable Power Station series, now available at Best Buy Canada, designed to power individuals on the go, providing a reliable and portable energy source. No matter if you are on road trips, camping, or facing power outages, ensure your devices stay charged and ready. Weighing between 4 to 6.6 lbs, these stations are easy to carry, making them an ideal companion for outdoor adventures. Moreover, equipped with multiple ports, they allow simultaneous charging of various devices, enhancing convenience for users.

Pion Power – Driven by Canadian Innovation. 

Based in Canada, Pion Power is committed to offering innovative clean energy products, supporting individuals to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. The availability of the Flex-AC at Best Buy Canada marks a significant step toward making green living accessible to all.

Discover Flex-AC at Best Buy Canada Online!

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